A visit to Gharaunda old age home

Vasant Panchmi, the festival that marks the beginning and welcoming of the spring season seems joyous enough. A group of 11 of us volunteers from the Gurgaon office spent our day with the aged people residing in Gharaunda old age home. The day started with us getting familiarised with the members of the old age home, getting to know them a little, telling them about us, how we were going to spend the day with them. With formalities out of the way, we started the day by playing dumb charades. There were around 35 of them from the old age home and 11 of us from PwC and we were divided into two teams.

And no surprise, it was a tough competition among the teams. After the game ended, we moved on to playing antakshari. With the same teams now competing with each other with evergreen songs from their time, antakshari was another delightful experience. And again, it was a competition coming to no result, since both the teams had years of experience on their side, and so we started with passing the parcel. Here, the parcel (my water bottle) was passed around the table while the music was on and as soon as the music stopped, the person holding the bottle had to sing a song for the entire audience present in the room. Passing the parcel was one of the most wonderful experiences since the members were very excited and enthusiastic about the game. They maybe old in age, but are definitely kids at heart. After some mesmerising singing performances, we broke for lunch.

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The highlight of the day was the smiles we brought to the faces of the members of the old age home.

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