Sultana Sheikh

My father is a driver and his income is not enough to support a family of four people. I had to discontinue my education after 10th standard which affected my confidence and there came a point where I wasn’t able to talk to anyone. In July 2018, my friend told me about the 'Atmanirbharta' project which offers vocational skill development for women. When I told my family about the course they were not supportive of me stepping out of the house. But I had to do this for myself, so I signed up for a Mehendi course. The decision changed my life. I got to meet many wonderful women, even a counselor who helped me cope up with my personal challenges. I now earn up to Rs. 7000 per month. Today, my family is very proud of me and happy about what I do. My greatest achievement is that I am able to support my family financially and reduce the burden on my father. I have also enrolled for the fashion designing and cushion making course. My dream is to have my own tailoring business soon.

Meet Sultana Sheikh who is one of the beneficiaries of PwC India Foundation and Hope for the Children Foundation project in Pune supporting skill development in women. #HeroesofPwCIF #WorldYouthSkillsDay #WYSD2019

Sultana Sheikh - PwC India Foundation

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