Corporate Responsibility Global Ambitions: It’s time to accelerate the pace of change

Jaivir Singh, Vice Chairman, PwC India Foundation

The PwC network has set two global ambitions to accelerate the efforts on our Corporate Responsibility agenda. These ambitions offer a significant opportunity to engage our people, clients and broader stakeholders and all member firms are encouraged to adhere to these by undertaking locally relevant projects. These ambitions relate to community and environment – two of the most challenging spaces that need immediate attention across the world.

Corporate Responsibility Global Ambitions: It’s time to accelerate the pace of change

Community ambition

Our global community ambition is to reach 15 million people, NGOs and social & micro enterprises to help them maximise their potential by FY 2022.

For business to thrive we need thriving economies and communities. Business has an important role to play - finding ways to go beyond the everyday to share access to their unique skills and resources to help solve important problems. Through our community programmes and investments, we extend our everyday efforts and share the best of what we have to help meet human needs in our societies around the world. All firms are encouraged to adopt and contribute to achieving this goal.

Environmental ambition

While driving efficiency to reduce our absolute carbon impact, we commit to offsetting air travel emissions from FY 2019 and to sourcing 100% renewables for our electricity consumption and offsetting residual energy use by FY 2022.

Climate change and resource scarcity is one of the five megatrends reshaping the world. Limiting global average temperature increase to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, the central component of the 2015 Paris Agreement, is an important target that will help ensure avoidance of serious environmental and associated economic impacts. Our global environmental ambition ensures we have a strong, clear and consistent base position across our network.

PwC India Foundation continues to invest in CR projects for the disadvantaged populations, and in refining the operations of nonprofits and social enterprises through pro bono projects with the view to contributing to the global community target.

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