A day at the school

By Shyamal Mukherjee 

A memory I vividly recollect from my childhood is of the chaos that would take place in the neighbourhood school’s premises during the monsoons. The primary wing of the school was a permanent structure while the secondary section classes were held in rooms with tin roofs. Whenever it rained, the primary school kids would be ecstatic because they’d get sent home while the secondary school students would have to move to the permanent structure to continue with their studies.

There are many such memories from my younger days that came flooding back when I recently visited the Government Higher Secondary School in Buddhi village of Kathua district (J&K).

I was there to formally handover the building where our PwC India Foundation team had undertaken renovation and restoration work. We have also set up rainwater harvesting structures within the school to provide these children with safe and clean drinking water.

It was truly humbling to be there, to see the excitement on the faces of the more than 500 little children and to know that we may have played a small role in giving them a vibrant and healthy school environment… an important foundation that they will build their future on.

I’ve always believed that the impact a school facility has on the way students learn and think -- about school, about their community, and about themselves, is long lasting. So you can imagine the joy and pride we all felt when the Principal shared with us that the enrolment had increased since the renovation work began! Being in the middle of such young and bright minds and learning about their aspirations to become doctors, engineers and teachers means that for responsible businesses like ours, investing in education will remain key to help them achieve their dreams.

I remain inspired by what our Foundation continues to do and equally by the efforts of so many of you who are already making a difference in your own way. We all have an opportunity to be part of this exciting journey and I look forward to your thoughts on what more we can do/ should be doing to bring our Purpose to life in a timely and sustainable manner.

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