Speed of technological change
Indian CEOs optimistic
Growth opportunities

Telling the India story

In the 19th edition of our Global CEO Survey, which was released at Davos in January this year, India was rated as a bright spot among nations where businesses maintained similar confidence levels as last year. The confidence reposed by Indian CEOs in the economy is quite encouraging, given the backdrop of market and currency volatility, and the transformation in the expectations of consumers, investors and employees.

CEOs in India are widely using technology to understand and engage with stakeholders, even as they view its dynamic and constantly evolving nature as a new threat. They are also steering their way through apparent paradoxes—they expect to grow their headcount next year even as they propose to increase automation. Further, talent strategies are focussed on leadership pipelines, as workplaces become more diverse.

Crises are no longer remote events. In this increasingly uncertain and changing world, CEOs know that they must be prepared to deal with unexpected crises that can impact their growth prospects. CEOs are increasingly becoming more interconnected and thus more aware of stakeholders’ expectations, which they may need to take into account while planning their growth strategies. Will these developments lead CEOs to redefine their organisational purpose more holistically? The India summary of PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey explores these changes, challenges and transformations.

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