Finding value for the consumer

Finding value for the consumer
The Indian mobile industry

84% of respondents feel that the mobile provides good value for money

29% of respondents aspire to own a cellphone priced greater than 10,000 INR

57% of respondents notice a big difference between various network brands

The highest likelihood of switching service providers among postpaid subscribers is only 35%.

67% of respondents have never switched networks


The PwC-IIMA Finding Value for the Consumer-The Indian Mobile Industry is a result of our efforts to understand what value means to our clients and our clients’ clients, the ultimate consumer. We had a series of dialogues internally and with the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad before we embarked on a journey to 17 locations and six circles across India to understand the views of 2,152 consumers. The result is this study that brings insights on usage patterns and consumer value in the Indian mobile telephony market. Armed with a better understanding of customers, we aspire to serve our telecom clients better and we hope that insights in this report will help you serve your customers better too.

The Indian mobile consumer has a high level of aspiration.

Changes in perceived benefit with time.

Utilitarian and hedonistic attitudes across age groups.

Top benefits from the use of telecom services.

Potential switchers drive lower value.