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PwC plays a key role in identifying the issues as well as potential opportunities prevalent in the sector and offers customised solutions to its clients.

Our Government Reforms and Infrastructure Development (GRID) practice offers services such as commercial due diligence, business planning, bid advisory and mines feasibility studies. The value propositions offered by the Operations Consulting team to help clients successfully manage and overcome operational challenges include throughput and productivity improvement, quality and process capability improvement, supply chain integration and optimisation. We have been able to improve turnover by 2 to 5% and the bottom-line by 5 to 15% through improvement in operations. We accomplish this using contemporary management tools and techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, supply chain optimisation and focused cost reduction.

Since production and distribution is different from any other industry in fundamental ways, companies must look very closely at potential software solutions to make sure they have the core capabilities critical to success. PwC’s SAP solutions are designed to help metal companies master business processes along the entire asset-centric and customer-centric value chain. They help companies visualise, plan and implement a coherent, integrated and comprehensive IT-driven business solution.

With margins under stress, it is important that organisations’ systems and processes are strengthened to optimise the use of existing resources. Accordingly, PwC provides services such as business process reviews, contract management, standard operating procedures, and risk assessment and building of the compliance framework which helps an organisation tighten its belt.

In most of our engagements, PwC leaves behind an operating model involving everyone for daily management and sustenance. We also build internal capability by developing a critical mass of people with advanced problem-solving skills to take up projects in the future.

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