17th Annual Global CEO Survey
Fit for the future?

82% of the CEOs are worried about over-regulation

79% of the CEOs believe technological advances will transform business over the next five years

65% of the CEOs have either implemented talent strategies or have concrete plans to do so


CEOs in India continue to be confident of their growth prospects, although their enthusiasm is muted in comparison with earlier years. While they are still concerned about political, social and economic issues in the short term, they believe that global trends will impact and shape their businesses even more in the long term. The top three trends identified by CEOs in India are the same as those identified by CEOs globally–technological advances, demographic changes and shifts in economic power. The India summary of PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey explores the challenges that these trends mean for CEOs and their organisations in India.


Indian companies are increasing their focus on new geographic markets

CEOs identified three transformative global trends

There is a change in progress in innovation, technology and data management

A majority plan to hire in the coming year

CEOs recognise the need for change in talent strategies

Changing consumers and increasing competition worries our CEOs

CEOs look forward to product and service innovation to grow

Chanda Kochhar
MD and CEO
India’s biggest advantages really lie in its demographic dividend and its potential for investment in infrastructure and the core manufacturing sectors. The biggest action point for India is to really harness these fundamental drivers of growth.
Preetha Reddy
Managing Director
Apollo Hospitals
Consumers have become discerning over the last 10 years. They now question more, ask more, expect more and demand more; so, dealing with the consumer of today is so different from what it was even five or 10 years ago and it’s going to be vastly different five or 10 years down the road. So, we have to equip ourselves to be able to deal with an extremely knowledgeable consumer and then we have to be completely uncompromising in the way we deliver our product.