Capability driven leadership program

One in five leadership positions will be vacant by 2017 resulting in a high premium on talent. Organisations must effectively plan strategies to combat this challenge. Today, most organisations reach out to either universities or consultants who offer leadership development courses.

The leadership development programs (LDPs) of today generally look the same from company to company and tend to focus on a generic set of competencies, which are neither driven by the business strategy nor focused on how the company adds value to its consumers. Hence, many LDPs are ineffective because the participants are unable to apply their learnings in a real time business situation.

Through our work with leading organisations throughout India, we have devised a tried and tested approach to leadership development known as the Capability Driven Leadership ProgramTM (CDLP), which focusses upon three core principles:

  • Leadership development should be seen as a business investment linked to focus capabilities of the organisation.
  • Leadership traits are best uncovered when individual initiative meets challenging experiences seeped in real business challenges.
  • Select short term interventions and mentoring should be used to catalysts to accelerate development process.

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