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State-of-the-art Capabilities

Centre for Forensic Technology and Analytics

We have two state of the art Forensic Technology Solutions ("FTS") laboratories set up in Mumbai and Gurgaon providing services across India powered by fibre-optic connectivity. Our FTS specialists employ cutting edge technology to handle confidential and privileged data. Equipped with the most sophisticated forensic tools and advanced capabilities in the industry, we perform complex data recovery, preservation, warehousing and analytical functions related to fraud detection and investigations. With stringent access control features and a secured storage environment, we house 50+ experts along with high end servers capable of processing voluminous data. Our in-house e-Discovery platform additionally provides us with tremendous global reach and regulatory compliant data production and web based review capabilities.

Our Investigative and Risk Analytics division is fully equipped to cater to all of our clients' data analytical needs. We employ several data analytical and visualisation solutions including SAS, R, QlikView, MSBI and Tableau, to perform advanced investigative and risk- based analytics on large sets of financial and operational data.

We have ingested, interrogated and visualised terabytes of structured data and billions of financial transactions by using the raw processing power of our servers. Our partnership with Google entails the use of Google Cloud and its many data handling and mining capabilities - in conjunction with Hadoop clusters, the Google Cloud proves to be a vital tool in performing complex data analytics on unstructured data.

Centre of Excellence

PwC India Centre of Excellence can help clients address their challenges by providing trained and experienced professionals in the areas of anti-money laundering compliance, counterparty due diligence and document and email reviews. We have a dedicated facility with 150 team members and requisite systems, tools and security standards.

In today’s business environment, organisations face tremendous regulatory, operational and reputational risks and penalties for non-compliance with anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations; anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) regulations, FATCA, etc. Compliance with these regulations may demand involvement of significant number of resources, especially in the area of remediation (KYC, sanctions screening, due diligence, transaction monitoring, file reviews). Another challenge is the ability to have fungible resources, as the requirement of resources can vary.

Anti-money laundering compliance, due diligence and Investigation support

Enhanced delivery capacity

  • Increased scalability of resources for long term engagements
  • Resources available on secondment assisting the client in expansion of business
  • Assist people in different time zones


  • Trained resources with relevant experience
  • Fungible resources available on demand

Best practices

  • Our vast experience of working with different clients and regulators has provided us insights into some of the best practices that can be implemented in different projects

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Puneet Garkhel

Puneet Garkhel

Leader, Forensic Services, PwC India

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