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Strategic Threat Advisory

Preparing you to be secure

Physical security threats most often come without warning. Today, every growing organisation needs to be ready to combat such risks to stay ahead in business. Physical security threats can be broadly summarised as events or activities that hamper the growth of an organisation or prevent it from achieving its strategic goals. These threats can emanate from multiple sources and can even be a spillover from incidents or occurrences in other organisations. They are different from day-to-day threats and the nature and magnitude of impact often have larger repercussions on organisations and their people.

Why do you need strategic threat advisory services?

In today’s dynamic environment, an organisation faces two kind of challenges - external and internal. The external challenges are of a continuously evolving nature, often arising from the political, social, economic and demographic environment. When coupled with technological advancements, they often become the key sources of security threats for organisations. The internal challenges can be unmapped threats, outdated mitigation plans, collusion and untreated vulnerabilities.

Security threats can take a heavy toll on organisations ranging from loss of human life, loss of organisational assets, financial loss, impact on brand and legal issues to even shutting down of business.

Businesses need to identify these security threats and prepare a mitigation plan for sustenance. The approach has to be proactive to be able to garner maximum benefits and keep pace with the dynamic threat environment surrounding us.

Why PwC

  • At PwC, our team can help you in identifying strategic threats related to physical security and assist you in implementing a framework of preventive and detective controls to minimise the risks to an acceptable level. We have proven capabilities in both greenfield and brownfield establishments, smart cities, ports, etc.
  • The team consists of professionals formerly associated with armed forces and law enforcement, certified fraud examiners, critical infrastructure protection specialists, smart city experts, business continuity as well as crisis management experts.
  • We bring rich and diverse experience in executing similar kinds of projects successfully across different sectors like critical infrastructure, large-scale manufacturing sector, banking sector, smart cities, hospitality, educational institutes, ports, places that get a high footfall such as malls and exhibition centres etc.

Our service offerings

Risk assessments

On-ground geo-political and current state assessment for greenfield and brownfield projects, smart cities, critical infrastructure, hotels, malls and ports to develop a sustainable mitigation plan for asset protection

Integrated security project advisory

Start-to-end project consultancy including risk assessment, system design finalisation, tendering assistance and implementation support including training. Designing of a ‘based on requirement level’ command and control centre for monitoring

 Crisis management

Crisis management

Preparation of global/regional/local emergency response and recovery plan with training and periodic assessments including on-ground assistance when required

Strategic security leadership (secondment)

Single-point interface between top management and outsourced security staff responsible for implementation of security processes and vigilance with an unbiased view

Management review

Development of a sustenance plan for continued improvement including monitoring and measurements of control effectiveness

Training and awareness

Simulation-based, tabletop or classroom training and demonstration sessions for all levels based on industry best practices and role matrix

Security Risk Assessments

  • Current state assessment for Green and Brownfield establishments, smart cities, critical infrastructure
  • Macro and Micro Threat and Risk mapping
  • Identification of critical assets and their protection plan
  • Review of policy, procedures and best practices
  • Participatory risk assessment and system design
  • Control evaluation and recommendation

Parameters for mapping risks and threats

Parameters for mapping risks and threats - Strategic Security Advisory Services

Integrated Security Project Management

  • Security system finalisation based on risk assessment
  • RFI/RFP T&C formulation
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Implementation assistance
  • Factory/Site/User acceptance tests
  • Security policy and procedure preparation
  • Training and awareness
  • Parallel run and handholding support
  • Project planning and management
Integrated Security Project Management - Strategic Threat Advisory Services

Crisis Management and Emergency Response

  • Identification of key risk scenarios
  • Business risk and impact analysis
  • Preparation of global / regional / local emergency response and recovery plan
  • Integration into management structure
  • Crisis management team identification and training
  • Periodic tests and assessments
  • Expert assistance during crisis situations

Strategic Security Leadership

  • Operational security/intelligence and vigilance set up
  • Development of robust security organisation, processes and technology controls
  • Governance and compliance
  • Coordination with key authorities
  • Incident and crisis management
  • Event management
  • Sustenance and continuous improvement

Management Review Services

  • Developing security review and assessment plan
  • Conducting scheduled and surprise reviews
  • Risk identification and ratings
  • Developing continual improvement programs
  • Monitoring and measurements
  • Revalidation testing

Training and Awareness Services

  • Security program management
  • Crisis management and business continuity
  • Travel safety and security
  • Women safety and self defense
  • Evaluation matrices and assessments
  • Simulation exercises
  • Sector and location specific customized training content for all levels

Our approach

We can help you combat physical security threats by:

  • Identifying different physical security threats that an organisation can face along with the probability of an occurrence and impact
  • Identifying worst-case scenarios for threats, deciding on organisation’s risk-bearing capabilities and planning counter measures accordingly
  • Formulating a well-developed strategy for mitigation with strong leadership intent
  • Deploying suitable measures and controls (preventive intelligence, trained manpower fit for the job, processes and technology) with optimum utilisation of resources to be proactive
  • Developing an effective incident and crisis response plan including integration with external agencies
  • Deploying sustenance measures to maintain the robustness of posture
  • Conducting frequent reviews and adapting to change requirements

Benefits you get

  • Development of a best-fit risk mitigation plan to cater to current and future threats aligned to business objectives
  • Cost-effective solution with optimum deployment of controls having a balanced mix of the technology, process and people components
  • Compliance with security standards and industry/international best practices
  • Robust crisis management framework
  • Real-time monitoring for improved situational awareness
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Scalable framework keeping in mind future growth and technology advancements

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