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Global Intelligence

Globalisation offers new opportunities in the form of new markets. However, in order to navigate successfully in these unchartered territories, companies need to make informed decisions. Companies need intelligence (not information) that is credible, relevant and timely.

Companies need intelligence, not just information.

PwC’s Global Intelligence Services in India assist clients in identifying information and intelligence that enables them to make informed decisions before entering new or unknown markets. Corporate intelligence is conducted to identify risks associated with third- party business agents, proposed M&A targets, new employees and other potential targets. It evaluates the background, integrity, reputation and performance track record of an individual, a management group or corporate entity by collecting and analysing information that is available in the public domain, subscribed databases and market sources.

Integrity, reputation, performance and track record

Business agents, proposed M&A targets, new employees and other potential targets

Investing or entering in new or unknown markets


Intelligence on third parties when you need it.

Companies need to be aware of the risks of doing business in new markets or the risks they assume by associating themselves with third parties. With corporate intelligence, companies will have the tools they need to mitigate such risks and protect their interests and reputation while being accountable to stakeholders for growth, transparency and moral conduct.

When you require Corporate Intelligence

When you require Corporate Intelligence

  • Over 80 man years of experience: A team of experienced and multi-faceted individuals with diverse educational qualifications and skill sets undertake in-depth internet based research and gather market intelligence from various stakeholders. On an average, each team member has over 5,000 man hours of experience in research and intelligence-based due diligence assignments.
  • Access to premium databases: We have access to a large number of local and international proprietary databases which include local and national litigation checks, international watch lists, restricted and debarred persons lists, defaulters and politically exposed persons lists, among others. We also have access to domestic and global public record databases which include news aggregators, legal databases, corporate registries, public listings and equity analyst reports.
  • Dedicated database management team: According to 2010 estimates, over five exabytes of data are added to the internet every two days. Finding the appropriate intelligence in this sea of information can be a daunting task. At PwC Corporate Intelligence, our dedicated team is constantly looking out for new sources of information and databases which collate information. Knowing exactly where to look for the right information saves our clients precious time.
  • Team of verified vendors across India: A large network of exclusive and independent vendors and consultants across India gather intelligence on potential target entities based on the region and industry of operation.


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