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Forensic Technology

The evolving corporate landscape has increased the importance and complexity of IT infrastructure and associated data. While it has served as a boon in bringing in efficiency and productivity as compared to a paperbound world, it has also increased the risk of vulnerability and fraud.

Challenges in managing electronic documents

  • Exponential growth in structured and unstructured data
  • Proliferation of social media
  • Digital data running into gigabytes and terabytes
  • Evolution of the profile of a fraudster from accountant to a technologically sound novice
  • Increase in technology driven frauds
  • Requirement for digital evidence for testimony in courts
  • Availability of anti-forensic tools to harm or alter data
  • Regulations becoming stringent and non-compliance attracting heavy penalty
  • Focus on continuous monitoring of data pattern trend analysis
  • Increasing cost of compliance

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We have state-of-the-art forensic technology labs with professionals with multi industry 100+ person years of experience, hard core technical expertise, tools (open source, proprietary) and technology.

Our Centres for Forensic Technology and Analytics in Delhi and Mumbai are unique in India. Endowed with tools such as Relativity, Nuix and Tableau and best-in-class technology infrastructure, we deliver the best service to our clients to make informed decisions.

Our service offerings

Our service offerings

Our team

We are a team of 45+ experts from various fields, including engineers, economists, MBA, certified fraud examiners, data analysts, information technology and security graduates with adept knowledge of all sectors. We also have forensic technology professionals who are CISA, CISSP, EnCE, CEH, RHCE, CFE, CHFI, CCE, ACE certified and have rich experience in cracking cyber incident related engagements.

Our experience

We have a wide range of capabilities, including forensic technology, cybercrime, forensic focussed data analytics, accounting and financial reporting. Our professionals not only understand the wider commercial and legal aspects of business, but also have the knowledge and experience to handle evidence in relation to specific regulatory requirements.

Our technology

We utilise the most cutting-edge tools and are the first practice in India to have deployed Relativity, an eDiscovery platform. This capability positions us as one of the centres of excellence for eDiscovery services, globally.

Our methodology

Our teams are also supported by consistent methodologies built from our experience across the globe. Our global network of over 300 forensic technology professionals spanning 30 countries enables us an extensive reach.

Our tools

We work with advanced forensic tools which help solve cases related to cybercrime and data breach. We have a high-end server configuration to work on a high volume of logs within a fraction of hours using advance analytics capabilities.

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Puneet Garkhel

Puneet Garkhel

Leader, Forensic Services, PwC India

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