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Fight bribery and corruption

According to an estimate by the World Bank Institute, corruption is a global epidemic that costs the economy more than 1 trillion USD annually.

Corruption takes many forms and can pervade every human endeavour where temptation and opportunity meet. Today, companies with global operations face a huge risk of bribery and corruption while doing business.

With the advent of strict domestic as well as foreign bribery laws such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US FCPA), UK Bribery Act (UKBA), etc their increasing enforcement, the imposition of record fines and criminal penalties have been sending shock waves through the business community. Latest to join this force are multilateral development banks (MDBs) who have also escalated their campaign against fraud and corruption on projects financed by them.

As regulators and stakeholders become less tolerant of lapses, responsible companies need to understand that they must undertake continuous efforts in order to identify as well as mitigate the risks of bribery and corruption effectively.

Challenges in fighting corruption and bribery

  • Multiple local anti-bribery regulations, laws and regulatory authorities
  • High level of interface with various regulatory authorities on business matters
  • Inappropriate choice of business partners
  • Lack of awareness amongst employees and third-party intermediaries transacting on your behalf
  • Reluctance among employees and other stakeholders to complain about people in power
  • Inadequate internal financial controls and documentation procedures

We can help you comply with the law

  • Assess the existing anti-bribery and corruption framework in order to identify gaps and prioritise high-risk operations with laws applicable to your business.
  • Develop recommendations on modifications and enhancements to policies and procedures.
  • Design and implement governance and compliance systems that are aligned with leading international standards.

We can help you create awareness

  • Prepare and conduct multi-jurisdictional and practical anti-corruption training workshops for employees and third parties specific to your business.
  • Conduct ‘train the trainer’ sessions for select employees to make them anti-corruption champions.
  • Prepare a training roster and calendar of activities for monitoring compliance.

We can help you assess successor liability

  • Assist during pre or post-merger or acquisition activities to assess bribery and corruption risks.
  • Post-merger remediation and implementation of anti-bribery and corruption compliance programme.
  • Conduct enhanced counterparty due diligence, including third-party investigations.

We can help you respond to regulators

  • Conduct investigations and focussed review of financial transactions and other records in the event of potential violations.
  • Undertake data processing, hosting and review of electronically stored information.
  • Support in making independent reports and representations to attorneys and regulatory authorities.
  • Compliance assessments and remediation
  • Framework formulation and implementation
  • Trainings and awareness 
  • Investigations
  • Anti-bribery and corruption due diligence
  • Counterparty due diligence
  • Anti-bribery and corruption data analytics
  • eDiscovery solutions

Our team has conducted over 250 multi-sectoral anti-bribery and corruption programmes, including the largest ever FCPA compliance and investigation engagements in India.

Our senior management has pioneered as well as established the concept of corporate intelligence services in India. With a collective due diligence experience of 200+ person years, we have access to over 16,000 national and international data sources pertaining to various geographies.


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Puneet Garkhel

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