Key findings

According to the survey, digital is synonymous with customer experience. Indian companies are investing heavily in technology and innovation-related activities that can deliver better experiences for their customers and employees. 



CEO is the torchbearer

In comparison to their global counterparts, a majority of Indian CEOs have digital transformation as a priority on their agenda and are highly involved in setting digital strategy and investing in it. 

CEO is the torchbearer - 8th Digital IQ Survey
Digital customer experience - 8th Digital IQ Survey

It’s all about the experience!

Indian organisations are beginning to relate digital closely to customer-facing technologies, and, as expected, are assigning a greater share of their spending to customer- focused digital initiatives than their global counterparts.

Emerging tech is the priority

The surveyed organisations appear to be making significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IOT) and robotics; however, in the next three years, the investment focus is likely to shift towards augmented reality and blockchain.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT investments and Robot investment - 8th Digital IQ Survey

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