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  • Privileged Identity and Access Management One of the key areas that organisations should focus on is to protect and manage privileged identities. Privileged accounts are powerful and pervasive. Further, appropriate maintenance and monitoring of privileged accounts are an important aspect of demonstrating compliance to several regulations. We help organisations to frame a comprehensive Privileged Identity & Access Management program that is aimed to detect, identify, manage and monitor privilege access.

    For further details and insights refer to our Privileged Identity and Access Management service catalogue.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
    The threat of cyberattacks is increasingly coming from a broader range of individuals and entities. This new breed of hacker understands cyber vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. We, at PwC help clients to protect and secure information assets across application and infrastructure layer. We help organisations with assessments of web applications, source code reviews, infrastructure vulnerability assessment & penetration testing and cloud security.

    For further details and insights refer to our Threat and Vulnerability Management service catalogue.
  • Security Implementation
    Given the changing technology landscape, it is important to adopt an integrated approach to implement security solutions to help clients to protect and discover the optimal value of technology. We help organisations with their enterprise security architecture, security product selection, end-to-end security implementation, program management and quality assurance.

    For further details and insights refer to our Security Implementation service catalogue.
  • Payment Protection Programme
    Our Payment Protection programme is unique and encompasses preventive, detective and responsive capabilities to appropriately and adequately protect organisations along with providing a timely response to address security events and incidents. We help organisations with Payment data discovery and current security controls evaluation, periodic control assessments as per PCI DSS standard and rapid response to payment security breaches

    For further details and insights refer to our Payment Protection Programme service catalogue.
  • eGRC Automation
    A well-defined GRC framework provides a single, comprehensive view of risks across multiple business processes spread across geographies. GRC tools use a single automated framework to enforce, monitor and assess the effectiveness of controls, to increase efficiency, to save costs, to eliminate manual effort and streamline processes. We help organisations evaluate the effectiveness of their Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, select enablement solutions for GRC automation and implement GRC technologies such as RSA Archer.

    For further details and insights refer to our eGRC Automation service catalogue.
  • Threat Intelligence Platform, Nethunt, CIRCA, FlyTrap 
    TIP is a Threat Intelligence Platform to collate indicators of compromise from various threat feeds, visualize relevant threat information and correlate it with telemetric information.

    Nethunt analyses packets and flows with an objective to detect advanced persistent threats and malware by analysis of network patterns, CnC (Command and Control) connections and IOC (indicators of compromise) based detections.

    CIRCA is Cyber Incident Response and Compromise Assessment tool (CIRCA is an compromise assessment tool to help organisation detect and respond to security incidents based on IOC’s (indicators of compromise) developed by our Cyber Threat Intelligence Team. CIRCA allows an organisation to scan endpoints for traces of malicious programs and conduct processes, such as hunting for IOC’s, conducting incident response and performing live memory forensics.

    FlyTrap is a baiting system which helps organisation detect and respond to internal reconnaissance activity and attempted lateral movement by attacker.

    For further details and insights refer to our service catalogue. Click here

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