With Industrial control systems (ICS) increasingly getting integrated with corporate network and Internet for business requirements, it is obvious that ICS is opening itself to the world of attackers. With cyber-attacks continue to escalate in frequency, severity and impact year after year it is with this concern that it is of paramount importance to ensure cyber security around such systems.

A structured framework comprising of people, process and technology has to be put in place to enhance security across the organization, and also to comply to international standards and guidelines such as NCIIPC, NIST etc.

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Majorly there are two types of security threats associated with ICS:

1.   Inadvertent

  • Safety failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Equipment Failures
  • Human mistakes

2.   Deliberate

  • Disgruntled employee
  • Industrial espionage
  • Cyber hackers
  • Viruses and worms
  • Terrorism

As per surveys conducted on threats to ICS it’s very evident that attackers are finding new ways to get into systems by exploiting the weaknesses it has carry forwarded from long time. Almost all critical infrastructures are being targeted:  

ICS systems consists of various weaknesses in it which makes it much easier of attackers to target:

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