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PwC India tailors its services based on the sector and its criticality. PwC provides cyber security services increase your security posture of your ICS/OT systems from threats. Some of them include the following:

1) ICS risk assessments

As a first step we conduct a security assessment over the ICS infrastructure and base it on custom or relevant standards to assess the current state vs security best practices.

The assessment includes system’s records and activities to determine the adequacy of system controls. The activities include review of network architecture, network security systems configuration, to assess operating efficiency of technical controls.


Our cyber security team is well versed with the ICS environment, its challenges and subject matter experts in VAPT of ICS components.

A three step approach is followed to examine the ICS security posture:

a)      Test ICS network from the Internet

b)      Test ICS network from IT

c)      Testing selected offline ICS systems for

3) Compliance assistance

PwC can help industries in adapting international and country specific security standards which are mentioned in previous section of this document, also PwC can help industries in developing their own ICS standards and policies based on the environments criticality.

4) Security operations centre (SOC):

PwC provides services for a SOC for a combined ICS-IT environment to enable you to monitor and act upon the treats and attacks. 

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