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Cyber security services

Strategy, Governance and Architecture

We help clients define a comprehensive cyber security strategy, priorities investments and align security capabilities with strategic imperatives of the organisation. Additionally, we also help clients define business-driven enterprise security architecture, create sustainable solutions to provide foundational capabilities and operational discipline and maintain agility in the event of business/technology changes and protect the value of our client’s information.

Security Strategy & Governance

Our services include:

  • Cyber security framework, strategy and program transformation
  • Security policy and standards framework definition
  • Cyber security skill development and enhancement programs
  • Stakeholder sensitization and awareness
  • Small business cyber security strategy
  • Certification advisory services

Security Architecture

Our services include:

  • Cyber threat assessment
  • Enterprise cybersecurity architecture design and definition
  • Supply chain security architecture and implementation
  • Cloud and mobility security architecture
  • SCADA security
  • Internet of Things Security (IoT)

Active Defence Services

We help organisations transform the way they respond to threats through active hunting, rapid response and threat intelligence.

Active Discovery

  • The Active Discovery team helps organisations discover advanced threats through a combination of baiting, analytics and reverse engineering.
  • Network and host compromise assessment
  • Honeypots, custom baits and sinkholes
  • Malware analysis

Cyber Response Team

Our specialist Cyber Response Team helps address cyber incidents in a rapid and confidential manner, utilising state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Remote triage
  • Analysis and response
  • Cyber and financial forensics
  • Post-incident support

Threat Intelligence

  • Curated feeds
  • Focused signatures
  • Seamless integration

Overview of PwC Active Defence Services Platforms

  • PwC TIP
  • PwC Nethunt
  • PwC Flytrap

Security Implementation

We offer an integrated approach to select and implement security solutions to help clients discover the optimal value of the solutions. We also help clients manage their strategies for building and maintaining best-in-class Security Operations Centre (‘SoC’).

Our services include:

  • Security product/solution selection
  • Security product/solution effectiveness review
  • Security solution implementation
  • SoC transformation

Threat and Vulnerability Management

We help you develop and institutionalise a resilient threat and vulnerability management programme that helps in protecting, detecting and responding to vulnerabilities at various operational layers of technology. We also provide services for intelligence-based modelling of human behaviour to track and contain insider threats.

Our services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Application security and source code assessment
  • Mobile and cloud application security assessment
  • Payment devices security assessment
  • Financial inclusion compliance audits
  • Insider threat management
  • Context-sensitive vulnerability advisories

Risk and Compliance

We help you effectively manage compliance with organisational policies and industry-specific and regulatory requirements.

Our services include:

  • IT risk management
  • Information lifecycle management services
  • Industry-specific security compliance assessment
  • Business continuity management services
  • Third-party vendor security governance

Incident Management

We assist you in establishing a cyber response framework that follows a proven approach to contain the incident and minimise damage.

Our services include:

  • Incident response and crisis management
  • Breach remediation
  • Forensic investigations
  • Third-party reporting, notification and disclosure
  • Remediation planning and implementation

Managed Services

We assist you in maintaining situational awareness by continually monitoring and analysing a number of security parameters related to your systems and external threat intelligence to detect and respond to cyberthreats.

Our services include:

  • Facility with high-end technology and best resources in the industry with 24x7 security events monitoring
  • Merging of deep security domain expertise with consulting experience through Cyber Protection Centre, thus providing a differentiated experience
  • Industry-specific threat intelligence with 150+ feeds
  • Signature-less user behaviour analytics for detecting insider and targeted attacks
  • Automated end-to-end incident management workflows from event collection, detection and response
  • Continuous network security through automated vulnerability management and remediation
  • Best-in-class zero-day malware analysis lab with automated malware detection, analysis and report submission

Identity and Access Management

We assist you in integrating and securing processes, services and infrastructure to enable appropriate controls over access to critical systems and assets. Our approach takes into account business requirements, trends and provides a holistic view to manage and maintain identities.

Our services include:

  • Identity and access management architecture definition
  • Enterprise and consumer identity and access management solution implementation
  • IAM business value health check and enhancement advisory services
  • Privileged identity management solution implementation and operations
  • Identity governance administration and on-going operations maintenance

Why PwC?

We are globally recognised as a leader in cyber security. Internationally, we were ranked as the top professional security consulting services firm in Gartner’s competitive landscape report in 2013. Besides, Forrester has acknowledged our strong global delivery capabilities with the ability to address the security and risk challenges our clients face.

Our information security engagements span the globe and all industries, and our resources have experience in most leading information security technologies. We can help you with detailed data and technical analysis, and equally, we can advise senior management and boards in shaping a broader strategic response to cyber risk.

Our key attributes

  • Cross-domain, cross-industry expertise
  • Deep expertise in life cycle for information security engagements
  • Resources skilled in servicing India and international markets
  • Employer of choice for resources in the security domain

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