Kamlesh Kaltari

Kamlesh Kaltari

Our alum Kamlesh Kaltari was a part of the firm from 2007 to 2015. In a candid conversation with our alumni team, Kamlesh shares his love for travel and how he wishes to inspire others to move out of their comfort zones and explore new territories. 

Read on to know more about what drives Kamlesh.

Building trust is key

In 13 years of my professional journey, I have been inspired by many leaders who’ve taught me the value of creating a positive learning environment and building trust with teammates and stakeholders. 

As a professional, I promote a culture of open conversation and encourage my peers to freely contribute their thoughts and ideas towards our joint vision.

Love what you do

This is something we’d all agree with. The key to happiness lies in appreciating the opportunities you get and working on them with all your heart and soul. Excellence will follow on its own. 

Self-belief will take you places

My professional journey has been a roller-coaster ride. There have been instances where people had preconceived notions about my ability to perform. But I always viewed these as opportunities to channelise my energy and let my work speak for itself. This attitude has brought me a lot of love and respect from my peers. 

So, never stop believing in yourself.

Travel - it will give you wings

Travel ignites a strong sense of purpose in me. I have been fortunate to be on trips with some exceptionally committed people who share the same passion for travel as me. 

I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone, met interesting people and embraced new ways of experiencing life. 

Through my first book ‘Tenu Main 'Leh' Javanga - Journey of 8 ordinary men’, I aim to inspire people to explore new places, reconnect with your near and dear ones, take up new hobbies and enjoy life to the fullest. 

I have also been actively involved in guiding and planning travel itineraries, organising adventure activities and trips both in India and across the APAC region for extended families and friends for them to enjoy and experience the unexplored. 

Always thankful to my family

I owe my personal and professional success to the unwavering support of my parents Mr. Shamlal and Mrs. Kavita, wife Roshni and children Advika and Gurnek. My extended family too has stood by me and have guided and supported me always.  

PwC shaped me as a professional

Working at PwC was one of the best phases of my life. It was a whole new world of professional experiences where I was allowed to learn, explore, fail, fall and get up again stronger. This place truly geared me up for professional success. 

A big thank you!

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