Deepti Beri

“Excellence is the result of habitual integrity.”

-Lennie Bennett

Our alum Deepti Beri is the Chief Commercial Officer at SHEROES and is an epitome of excellence. She talks about her passion for learning and what keeps her determined to explore new territories. Read in her own words...

A right start is important

A strong foundation is the most critical aspect of one’s career. Instrumental in giving me my first break, setting the foundation for my career and giving me a strong professional value system in a short span, PwC has given me so many experiences that I value highly and hold close to my heart.

Balancing a stint at a Big 6 (yes, there were 6 back then) alongside taking exams was rather a daunting task. With tight deadlines, working papers, reviews and the tough exams, I wondered how much longer I would be able to continue on this path. In such times, all I would do is take a deep breath and look around. I would then notice people working hard every day, determined to excel. That is when I realised that I had the same dream. I was determined to excel too! With this knowledge strengthening my resolve, I would power through.

I come from a family where integrity and hardwork are a must. PwC then became second home for me as the organisation echoed the same values.

Explore different territories

Bidding farewell to PwC wasn’t easy. But I did take back a treasure trove of parting gifts in the form of my first break, the professional value system, the contagious energy, awesome friends and my better half, Rohan. I then began chasing another dream: becoming a CFO! In those days, it was a road less travelled by women. I had a zest for exploring new territories and they say, ‘what you seek, is seeking you’, I landed in the entrepreneurial world. It was a starkly different world from the one I had come from. From one of the largest organisations in the world, I was now headed towards the chaotic startup environment. It was a new experience. An exciting one, nevertheless! I progressed in my professional journey, doing different roles, working with varied organisations in different industries, either startups or organisations in their early days, such as EXL Service, PCCW, Apollo Health Street, Tangerine Digital and American Swan. I learnt a great deal about the world of Finance but most importantly I learned tens of businesses, technologies, innovations.

I believe in one firm thought. Finance skills are industry agnostic. Don’t limit yourself. Think business. Think customers!

Always believe in your dreams

Today, I work as the Chief Commercial Officer leading Commercial Strategy and Finance at SHEROES, a women’s growth network- yet another entrepreneurial venture, which has provided prospects to around 2 lakh women.

In my professional journey, I take back some very important lessons. I would like to leave you with the most important one:

Only one in ten startups succeed; some get listed and others close down. You will emerge learned either which way. Choose values. Valuations will follow!

A strong foundation is the key to success

PwC laid the foundation of a strong professional value system. I have carried it all along, in failures and successes. Core values become character. They shape your path as a professional and most importantly as a human.

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