Anirban Bhattacharya

Our alum Anirban Bhattacharya is the founder of the ubqt Design Thinking School and The Painted Sky. He is an ace Sales and Marketing professional and was associated with PwC from 2007 to 2009 as the Head of Marketing and Business Development in the Advisory practice. After working extensively with various corporates, Anirban decided to take a plunge into the unchartered territory of entrepreneurship.

Anirban keeps his success close to his heart, failures even closer. Read along as he shares his journey and what keeps him committed and driven.

Taking the road less travelled

I started my career as a Sales and Marketing professional and worked with varied organisations across sectors for 16 years. After my first consulting stint at PwC and a few others outside, it was now time for me venture into the entrepreneurial space. It was not a smooth transition and the move landed me in testing waters. However, post some initial hiccups and contemplation, I was convinced that entrepreneurship was my true calling. 

Say yes to opportunities and the challenges they pose

I have always been an eager learner and have been open to taking up new tasks that add to my knowledge set. Being open to taking up new challenges sets the foundation of having the right attitude to a problem at hand and pushes you to transcend your own capabilities.

Bring in the novelty

The novelty of thought and a fresh approach to doing things goes a long way. I am fortunate to be driving the ubqt Design Thinking School and the Painted Sky, the first institutions of their kind that offer unique training programmes staged around experiential corporate trainings, leadership development, inductions and board level trainings, change management and negotiation,  among many others. We conduct our sessions using elements of art, music, cinema, lego etc. that compel the trainees to think outside the box. We work with more than 60 Fortune 100 companies and other clients spread across America, Europe, China and Middle East.

Through our innovative offerings, we aim to create an impact and change the way people derive learning from the trainings they undergo.
We also constantly work towards nurturing a responsible workplace and take our own carbon footprint very seriously. Since 2016, we have become a zero paper office and have assiduously focussed on recycling and reusing everything. We are also working with non-governmental agencies to train their staff and clients free of cost on ideas of how Design Thinking can help them reduce waste.

Nothing like working hard

My work has taken me to the remotest of locations and has introduced me to some extremely driven and hard working people. I remember working with children in Bihar who were living in adversity and did not have access to even basic education. They were extremely appreciative of whatever chance they had at learning. Their positivity, passion and commitment was awe-inspiring and gave me a lesson in hard work like nothing else could.

Learn, learn and learn

Learning is an incessant process. Every situation, every person you meet will teach you something. My stint at PwC introduced me to some of the most knowledgeable, skilled and qualified professionals. My seniors here taught me the nuances of networking and how it should go beyond mere business relations. Here, I learnt that we should take genuine interest in people and should be ready to help them whenever we can.

I am thankful to everyone who has helped me to be a better version of myself-friends, family, seniors, colleagues, everyone alike. I would particularly like to mention the role of my wife in hand-holding me through my transition into the world of corporate training and acquainting me with essentials of the trade.

Be prepared to fail

In the road to success, there is no escaping failure. Be prepared for rejection. Have a huge appetite for failure and embrace the learnings that follow. Take the right risks and explore new territories. Do not let fear hold you back. You never know what’s coming your way. 

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