Amit Agarwal

Our alum Amit Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of He worked for eight years as a management consultant in the Banking and Financial service practice at PwC from 2004 to 2012. Amit always dreamt of starting something of his own. So, after working with some of the top organisations like PwC, CTS and ANZ, he started his own venture.

Read along as Amit shares his entrepreneurial journey and what motivates him to keep working towards his dreams. 

Master the basics

My experience at firms like PwC and ANZ taught me the necessary processes I needed to run my own venture. Sharp analytical acumen, use of basic principles to solve problems of different industries and to empathise with people while running change management initiatives are some of the fundamentals I learnt during my stint at PwC, that eventually helped me to lay the foundation of my dream project is a platform that eliminates brokers and directly connects our customers with home owners, tenants, buyers and sellers.

Good things take time

During the initial phase of setting up, I was bootstrapping for the first round. It was difficult as I had to scrape through my personal savings. Things changed when investors recognised the company’s potential and the customer's demand for our services. After that first round of investment, hiring people, establishing our office and working day and night in the first year was exhilarating. Today, we are a team of 450 people serving more than 35 lakh customers and are saving more than 40 crores of brokerage every month. We are proud to be the largest C2C platform in the real estate space across the world.

There is a huge amount of satisfaction to see that our work makes our customers happy. For any business to sustain, client satisfaction is the key.

Surround yourself with the right people

I owe my success to the passionate and driven people I am surrounded with and especially to my wife whose support in this journey has been a blessing. She understands the responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur 24*7 and recognises that my work gives me satisfaction. .

Always believe in doing what you love. If you enjoy your work, late hours will never pinch you. Pursue assignments which you will love doing and pursue working with people that you love interacting with. Trust me, success will be all yours!

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