Transport Infrastructure report

PricewaterhouseCoopers global thought leadership programme “Transportation & Logistics 2030” published its second foresight study on transport and logistics sector, focused on the theme of infrastructure. It employed real-time Delphi expert survey in association with Supply Chain Management Institute (SMI). 104 experts from 29 countries belonging to T&L government authorities, developers, operators, regulators, financiers, academicians, media, users, politicians, associations, etc were anonymously surveyed as a part of the study. This study holds considerable significance for India as 38% of the panelists were from emerging markets and 22% were from India alone. In addition to this, the study focuses on key issues of emerging markets and compares the developments within them with those in the developed countries.

The study highlights that India would have record levels of investment in transport infrastructure, but they are unlikely to bridge the demand supply gap completely even by 2030. It also says that industrialised countries would retain their competitive advantage over emerging countries. A more surprising finding of the study was that financing the maintenance of transport infrastructure will be a greater challenge than attracting capital for investments in new transport infrastructure. According to the study panel, the country would witness Infrastructure 2.0 phenomenon (second-generation transport infrastructure) which would be integrated and digitised by 2030 along with its global peers.


  T&L2030 Transport Infrastructure report