Mobile Broadband - Outlook 2015

The Indian telecom market has been growing at a CAGR of approximately 30% since 1995 and still growing. With additions of more than 14 million subscribers per month in the year 2009, the wireless subscriber base has grown to 635.51 million TRAI in June 2010, second only to China. Despite strong growth, the industry also faces certain challenges such as low rural penetration, stagnant data usage over the years and limited broadband services. Results of the recently concluded 3G spectrum and BWA auction saw intense competition among the bidders resulting in a revenue inflow of Rs.1.06 trillion for the government, surpassing most estimates. In this context, Mobile Broadband – Outlook 2015 examines the potential for Mobile Broadband Services, its impact on the telecom industry and other allied sectors in India.

The report looks at the India growth story and the role telecom has played in infrastructure growth in India. Further, it looks at the current and future telecom industry scenario and why mobile broadband is the way forward. Mobile broadband is about more than enhanced application and network performance; it is also a catalyst for business-model innovation, driving change in the way services are delivered as well as revenues generated. The report looks at how mobile broadband will change the existing business dynamics within the telecom sector and the impact in terms of revenue, investment and employment between 2010 and 2015. In addition, it also looks at how other sectors of the economy such as financial services, agriculture etc will benefit from mobile broadband services. Finally, the report identifies the key enablers for uptake of mobile broadband services in India.