Indian IT/ITeS Industry

Evolving Business Models for Sustained Growth*
Last year has seen the Indian IT/ITeS Industry showing remarkable resilience in the face of the global economic turmoil. The coming decade is poised to bring in whole set of new opportunities and challenges that may necessitate fundamental changes in business outlook and culture. The CII - PwC report on “Indian IT / ITeS industry – Evolving Business Models for Sustained Growth” aims to look beyond the visible horizon into emerging trends and business models that would define the future of this industry. Through a comprehensive national level survey covering both the service providers as well as client community of IT / ITeS in India coupled with rigorous secondary research and analysis, this report aims to present a holistic view of the current industry and examines possible future developments. This report throws light on the following critical aspects:
  • The interplay between the economy and the Indian IT / ITeS industry
  • The Small and Medium IT / ITeS Providers
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Emerging Markets and Delivery Geographies, and
  • Evolving Business Trends
Indian IT/ITeS Industry