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How smart are our cities?


This report is based on a performance assessment of 20 major Indian cities in terms of the operational effectiveness of the urban services being delivered to its citizens. More importantly, the report assesses the effectiveness of the strategies of 10 cities in a period of one year, which gives an indication of the approach for other cities to emulate. Smart cities are truly an opportunity to transform India, and we believe that this report will help cities accelerate towards their goal of significantly improving the goal of improving the quality of life for the common citizen.

Securing the cashless economy


As more value migrates online and corporations adopt more innovative ways of interacting with customers and other partners, the cyber security challenge will only become more complex. This knowledge paper aims to highlight areas that need to be re-examined to protect interconnected systems and assist organisations in India in building strong defences against cyberthreats, thus fostering organisational growth in this digital age.

India's new real estate and infrastructure trusts: The way forward


This report aims to provide an overview of the market for REITs and InvITs in India, and the benefits that accrue to various stakeholders by investing in these investment vehicles. It also elaborates on regulations governing the structure of these instruments in India and compares REIT markets across major countries in the world.