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India Online: Emerging Business Models and Taxation

This report showcases the various direct tax, indirect tax, transfer pricing and regulatory challenges e-commerce and internet businesses face, and their key focus areas in five emerging business models as a result of the ongoing digital revolution.

PwC - Snapdeal Policy Communiqué Series

This is the first of a series of communiqués, which aims to highlight emerging tax, policy and regulatory issues relevant to the growth of the start-up/eCommerce ecosystem in India.

eCommerce in India: Accelerating growth

In 2013, Asia-Pacific emerged as the strongest business-toconsumer (B2C) eCommerce region in the world with sales of around 567.3 billion USD, a growth of 45% over 2012, ranking ahead of Europe (482.3 billion USD) and North America (452.4 billion USD). The top three were followed by Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to Ecommerce Europe.

Realising the benefits of mobile-enabled IoT solutions

Commonly referred to as the internet of things (IoT), this phenomenon marks the present evolution of technology in the telecommunications sector that is enabling a new wave of life-enhancing services.

Running IT as a Business: Breaking boundaries with emerging technologies

Changes in the current economic scenario and market structure are exposing businesses to a host of uncertainties, and are pushing business leaders to think of newer ways of addressing problems and issues at hand, so as to stay ahead in the competition.

PwC’s 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey

When the going gets tough, the digital get going