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Funding Indian healthcare: Catalysing the next wave of growth

This publication takes stock of the healthcare sector in India, and presents how various stakeholders, including the government and the private sector, can collaborate to meet the the evolving healthcare needs of India's population.

Enterprise performance management in hospitals

There is a paradigm shift in the priorities of managing a hospital today compared to those in the past—from focussing not only on the growth story but also more on the performance of the hospital in terms of clinical, operational and financial parameters.

The healthcare agenda: Stakeholder collaboration for the way forward

The private sector in the country’s healthcare landscape is now assuming the centre stage. The need of the hour is to identify and strengthen the support pillars of healthcare delivery systems. These may include production of quality manpower, technology-enabled solutions like mobile health and adoption of low-cost drugs and vaccines. Going forward, the action agenda is to foster a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach with a common objective of providing healthcare to masses.

Public-Private People Partnership: Winning in collaboration

Sustainability of healthcare systems across the globe is now threatened by barriers such as rise in healthcare spending, mushrooming population and epidemiological transitions towards non-communicable diseases.

Addressing the unfinished agenda

India’s phenomenal economic growth in the last decade has improved overall health standards in the country. But, it has also brought to light the inequities and inefficiencies of our healthcare industry.