Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure practice provides consultancy services relating to demand assessment, traffic studies, entry strategies, commercial due diligence, bid advisory and project finance  across transportation sectors (roads, ports, airports, railways, logistics, metrorail, BRTS), industrial infrastructure (SEZs, large area developments, commercial development) and tourism.

We specialise in providing comprehensive effective solutions in overcoming the following challenges:

  • Prioritising sectors, locations, states, projects to pursue while entering infrastructure sectors in India
  • Creation of domestic and overseas partnerships to enhance capability
  • Assessment of cargo and passenger traffic
  • Suitability of a manufacturing location
  • Economic justification and financial feasibility for a proposed project
  • Risk mitigation for a proposed project
  • Project structuring to induct expertise and enhance value
  • Issues in different concession agreements
  • Appropriate bidding strategy, considering bankability concerns and likely competitor behaviour
  • Risk management in real estate and infrastructure
Manish R Sharma, Partner, PwC India
Manish R Sharma
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Manish B Agarwal
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Sanjay Garg, Partner, PwC India
Sanjay Garg
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