Offer services to help you comply with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013. Running a programme management unit for CSR.

CSR Compliance

Several Indian companies have been implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, either on their own, through a dedicated non-profit arm or by funding a few of their NGO partners. The Companies Act (2013) and the revised CSR rules (released in February 2014), takes this agenda of CSR further and makes it a compliance and board-level issue, thereby facilitating increased and conscious social spending.

Our CSR Compliance team can help clients prepare, implement and monitor a cohesive CSR policy that is not only compliant with section 135 of the Act but also need-based, strategic, integrated with the value chains, iterative and geared towards business responsibility reporting. Based on our experience and research, we can offer significant value to our clients (at different stages of the CSR lifecycle), with customised services for planning, assessment, implementation and evaluation, etc.

We help our clients create and implement a comprehensive CSR policy. Our services include the following:

CSR policy and planning
  • Assessing the congruence of business with CSR
  • Finalise the CSR investment options
  • Structure a tax-efficient mechanism
Implementation and measuring the progress
  • Setting up the CSR governance and monitoring framework
  • Measuring the progress, in terms of outcomes and impact
  • Document and disseminate the progress achieved, so as to facilitate knowledge sharing

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