Deliver business governance

Proliferating global opportunities have spawned intense market pressure to deliver results. With opportunity come threats to success. Dynamic regulatory landscapes, increasingly complex global business environments and rapid technology changes are just some of the factors which, in recent times, have been driving organisations to increase the focus on their governance and compliance management programmes. It is important that organisations identify and assess key governance and compliance risks, and integrate the management of these risks into current processes.

The new Act has introduced several new chapters on enhanced corporate accountability and corporate social responsibility.

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Enhancing corporate governance with Companies Act 2013

To develop and maintain an effective governance and compliance framework, a number of important objectives ranging from creating a culture of ethics and good corporate behaviour to creating better morale and employee retention needs to be achieved. Our team designs compliance programs and systems, creates architecture for effective compliance controls and provides transactional monitoring to help clients conform to evolving regulatory guidelines. We also conduct background due diligence and international forensic investigations in response to allegations of fraud, corruption, collusion or obstructive practices.